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GSoC 2012 Pre-coding Report (April 23-29)

Hi there,

I am so happy that my proposal for GSoC 2012 is finally accepted. This is my first trip on GSoC so the acceptance have me gain a lot of confidence.

This project is to implement a Web Intents user agent on Android which works as a bridge between Web Intents and the Android intents. We are all familiar with the Android intents. So what is Web Intents?

Web Intents is a framework for client-side service discovery and inter-application communication.

It comes from the Android intents system and works on the Web. Like the Android intents, a Web intent also encapsulates attributes such as action, data type, extras but it still adds some other attributes to make it operational in the Web world. As a result of the commonality of the two mechanism, it may be possible to build a connection between them.

To my knowledge, the biggest feature of Web Intents is substituting decentralized service discovery for the used-to-be centralized service discovery mechanisms like UDDI. This is an exploratory project and the Web Intents specification is still ongoing. So a lot of challenges are waiting for me. However, I believe it will be a promising filed and it is greatly rewarding to do this project.

The mentor organization of this project is Since I am still new to this community, I still have a lot of materials to learn. Very happy to have a chance to work with its members.

What I did in the last week:

  • Familiar with Drupal which is the CMS of
  • Organizing the project code to remove nonsense parts and what was for feasibility test
  • GSoC 2012 bonding period work

What I am going to do this week:

  • Writing an initial version of Web Intents registry on Android-embeded SQLite
  • Populating the registry with some existing Web Intents applications’ information like Twitter
  • Continue to clean up my code
  • GSoC 2012 bonding period work

Thanks for your attention.