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Monthly Archives: May 2012

GSoC 2012 Pre-coding Report (May 7-21)

Cheers for the beginning of coding period of GSoC.

Since I am now in China with limited Internet access (I didn’t expect so many web sites are
blocked by GFW), the present development is significantly affected.
The current status of OI WebIntents Agent is as follows:
1. I’ve changed the design of UI, replacing the previous control buttons with
action items in the action bar which makes the look and feel better.
2. I added a menu item named ‘Registered applications’, though very simple now,
where the user can do some management executions on his registered
applications. Twitter is a prepopulated application now for future test.

Parsing and executing js scripts by WebView of Android seems to be very slow
and buggy. So grabbing web intents related js function execution by Java does
not work always good and I am thinking about better solutions to fix it.

I’ve uploaded the project onto GitHub at’ so that anyone can make
suggestions on my coding. Any feedbacks are welcome.

It is difficult for me to publish this report because is on the
blacklist of GFW. I think my next report will also come in two weeks,
immediately after I come back to Canada.


GSoC 2012 Pre-coding Report (April 30-May 6)

Hi there,

The second bonding week for GSoC 2012. This week openintents moved its code repositories onto Github.

To be consistent I had a plan on changing the name of my project to “OI WebIntents Agent” and using “org.openintents.wiagent” as the package name of the promising app. Another big plan is that I was thinking about using a content provider instead of former pure SQLite database access because I found it has more benefits for future maintenance including test and update.

Here I would like to share a similar work from phonegap.

The work I did last week:

  • Create a WebIntentsProvider. The work is just half-done.
  • Populate the WebIntentsProvider with the SHARE intent.
  • Reading the source code of other projects from openintents to be familiar with its code style.
  • Cleaning up the demo code used for application. The work is almost done.
  • Bonding period work of GSoC and openintents.

The next report will come in two weeks. That is the last pre-coding report before the coding work formally starts. I hope I can make a very initial demo at the moment.