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GSoC 2012 Weekly Report on OI WebIntents Agent (June 25-July 1)

Hi there,

Happy Canada Day!

Last week I have done with the preliminary stage of integration work for Web Intents and Android Intents. The new code has been uploaded. Here I am presenting some instructions for how you can get a simple tour of such idea.

Because now it is only implemented for the action “”, only two pages and at are working.

1. When you start the app, Fig 1 is shown.

Fig 1. Startup page

2. This page works. Still you can go to Fig 2 by clicking links Example -> Simple Share.

Simple Share

Fig 2. Simple Share

3. “Share an Image” is not taking effect yet because I am working on solving image data transfer between components. But you can click the link share button to get a feel.

Fig 3. Popup selection list

4. A popup selection list of both Web apps and Android apps is shown. (I suggest you install Gmail app at least which may not appear if you run the app in AVD). Then you can choose Twitter Web Intents service or Android apps to complete your action, as in Fig 4 and 5.

Fig 4. Share link to Twitter

Fig 5. Share link by Gmail


[1] Since now most of the existing Web Intents services are only effective in Chrome, I plan to modify some of them and attach to this app. So here you can see a local href value of the Web apps.

[2] If your connectivity is too slow, it may need more time to load the pages. So please be patient or try to test it in a better network.

Next Week:

I will implement the function for the registration of a Web intent. Hoping that I can finish it before the mid-term evaluation.


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