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GSoC 2012 Weekly Report on OI WebIntents Agent (July 2-8)

Hi there,

I didn’t think the function of “Web Application Management” involves so much work like UI designs and implementation which was my weakness. Anyhow, I still need some days for this work. Now I mainly focus on developing the main functionality to let you get a basic experience of what we are working on, so if you find the code up to now is not good enough please be patient because we will add more improvements and bug-fixes in the future.

I will present some instructions on how to get a tour of some new features here:

Fig 1. Start-up page

Fig 1 illustrates the first page you will meet while running our agent.  The two links in the first section refer you to currently two working pages located on The Web Intents Debugger application is a modified version of the one at by Tom Gibara. I think it is very useful for our app, but the original one seems only to be working on Chrome so I made some revisions and simplifications to let it become applicable to our agent.

Fig 2. New Web Intents Registration Tag Discovery

When you open the link of Web Intents Debugger, you should get a page like in Fig 2. See what’s the difference? Yes the menu item for application management has changed because some <intent> tag with new web intents being discovered in this page. The tasks of discovery and notification are run asynchronously under some worker threads so that they will not affect the user’s common browsing activities.

Fig 3. The initial UI design of “Application management”

Fig 3 presents some design ideas of the application management function when you click on its menu item in Fig 2. Two tabs are located in the action bar, one is for the new web apps which await decision making from the user, the other is about the registered apps. This work is still in progress.

Other work I did last week

  • Change to use convertview and viewholder in the class AndroidAppListAdapter for performance purpose
  • Revise the WebIntentsProvider class and relevant database classes to make the code clearer

The plan for this week

  • Continue with the work of app management
  • GSoC2012 midterm evaluation



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