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GSoC 2012 Weekly Report on OI WebIntents Agent (July 9-15)

Hi there,

Now I’ve done roughly with the major functions of application management. The new update has  been published. Here I am gonna present some instructions.

I added a registration page for the “Share Link to Twitter” service, so it won’t be added automatically when you install the new app.

When you click the “Application management” menu item, you should see the initially empty page of MY APP as in Fig 1.

Fig 1: Empty MY APP

Now you can go back and visit any of the pages for service registration, then the application management item show new apps are found, as in Fig 2.

Fig 2: New apps are found

When enter the menu item of application management, you will get a similar page like in Fig 3.

Fig 2: New found in application management

Click any entry, the web intents attached to it will display in the right pane. Long click on any entry will trigger the CAB mode like in Fig 4.

Fig 4: CAB mode for new found apps

Click the top-right plus sign will add the two apps to your “MY APP” registry, as in Fig 5.

Fig 5: After adding the web apps

Long click on any entry and you can trigger the CAB mode to delete them. Now when you go back and visit the pages of Intents Invocation, you can find new Web Apps in the suggested list, as in Fig 6.

Fig 6: Suggested apps

The new “Web Intents Debugger” can show what your intents are for debugging purpose, as in Fig 7.

Fig 7: Web Intents Debugger

This is a modified version with some simplifications of the one in Chrome Web Store.

Other work I did last week:

  • Fix the bug of back/forward history action in the action bar
  • GSoC midterm evaluation





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