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GSoC 2012 Weekly Report on OI WebIntents Agent (July 16-22)

Hi there,

Last week I added two URL shorten apps which now you can have an experience.

Since calling the new two apps will be blocked by the same-origin policy of Javascript, I added a new table named “local_service_domain” which is used for keeping and loading domains  for local services.

The onSuccess callback of startActivity specified in the Spec was implemented last week. Since the interface between WebView and Javascript is so limited, the implementation of this callback is tricky and may need to be revised in the future.  I am trying to keep the interfaces the same as specified in the Spec, so if you find some code a little weird, please let me know.

Currently you can feel the onSuccess callback by calling the Shorten with app. Following I will show some screenshots from my tablet.

Fig1. Shorten URL example

Fig 1 is the shorten example page from When you click and choose Shorten with, you can get this screenshot.

Fig 2. Shorten with

When you click the return button, you can return to the former page with change on the bottom line.

Fig 3. Result

Another issue:

When you share picture and calling the Web Intents Debugger, it may show like the following picture:

Fig 4. Share picture by the Web Intents Debugger

This is because Android uses content providers to locate and load files which no file extension can be found in the path. So the resulting data have no data type included. If you try to use the app in Chrome to share a image file with no extension or extension other than any image type like (.pdf, .doc, you can change it), the same thing will happen.

This week’s work

This week I will implement calling web intents from an Android app. The main idea now is to provide a customized Activity which any Android app can use to calling web intents.



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