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GSoC 2012 Weekly Report on OI WebIntents Agent (July 30-Aug 5)

Hi there,

Happy Civic Day!

This week I added some comments to the code. Hope that they are helpful. If any part of the code is obscure to you, please leave a message and I will add more comments specific for you.

It’s a pleasure that  made some online services available besides those in Chrome. Now when you use our app to browse some online pages you can find new applications from them. Those applications include Kinlan’s Image Share, Kinlan’s Link Share and Kinlan’s Link Shortener. Up to now, our app is totally compatible with these apps except a small flaw for image sharing. But this problem also exists when you use Android’s default browser so I think it might be generic to Android Webkit.

Now the app is working better on tablet with large screens.  Next step I will test it on normal devices like phones and add necessary revisions.

Since the pencil down date is approaching, I have many small function revisions to make in the next few days and I think it must be very busy.

Work done last week

  1. Add online service registration
  2. Add an address bar
  3. Format the code according to openintents developer’s code style instructions like use tab instead of spaces for indentation

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