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GSoC 2012 Weekly Report on OI WebIntents Agent (Aug 6-Aug 13)

Hi there,

Last week I designed a new logo for OI WebIntents Agent together with Friedger, as in Fig 1.

Fig 1. OI WebIntents logo

It will appear in the following versions.

In the former versions, the external Android application which calls the createChooserWithWebActivities method will let the system start an empty Activity which creates a dialog for application selection. Now the dialog will be created in the context of the activity which calls the method, as in Fig 2.

Fig 2. Application chooser dialog

The dialog layout is created from Java code and I tried to use Android internal layout resources, so now the invoking methods is still the same as the former version.

Now when new applications are found, a notification message on the status bar will appear. It may refer the user to the application management UI directly, like in Fig 3.

Fig 3. New application found notification

For the application management UI, the selection mode is enabled when the user enters the activity. I also added checkboxes for item selection instead of the former long click action, as in Fig 4.

Fig 4 New application management UI

Last week, I also added handset supports. Now the application management UI also looks better on small screen devices, like in Fig 5 and 6.

Fig 5. Web Application list

Fig 6. Web Intents by application

This week is the last week before hard ‘pencil down’. A lot of document work and revisions are waiting for me so it will be very busy.

Any feedback is welcome.



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