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User Guidelines for OI WebIntents

Hi there,

This blog presents a summary of user interface for current OI WebIntents. Now the app supports both tablets and handsets.

This is the main page with an introduction section, a service registration section, a service invocation section and a link to home page of

There are five action items in the action bar: backward, forward, reload, goHome and applicaiton management.

When a new application is found, a notification message is shown. The user can enter into application management interface by click on the notification or the menu item.

There are three tabs in the Web application management interface: New Found, My App and Trash, each with its own menu items. The sign “+” here means add the checked Web apps in New Found tab to My App, while “-” means removing them to trash. Since in current version, the agent no longer marked visited applications and ignore them in future visits, I put a trash tab here for recycling instead of deleting unused applications forever.

When entering the simple share web page on and click on the share button, a chooser dialog appears (with or without web apps).

Now you can use Web application like Twitter or Android application like Gmail to complete your action.

When running the share sample app now, the chooser dialog appears in its own context now.

The interface for handsets is similar.

The biggest difference is displaying Web applications and their web intents. Still, in the intents detail interface, a user can make same menu operations as its parent. Since back button shows different results from in tablets, I added a navigation up support for the application icon to return to the home page.


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